A Complete Economic Overview

The project budget parts of Winket

New construction
For new construction projects, the choice of a particular construction has a major impact on construction costs. With its share project budgets Winket brings the building costs as in card, which can be brought at an early stage design and a budget in balance. Therefore all stakeholders can in a design or construction team targeted to work.
This approach not only creates a good balance between quality and cost of construction, but also prevents loss of time and money during the plan development.

What is the best possible allocation of a budget for renovation? Energy, layout, unlocking? The relationship with the environment?
What do these choices for housing? And sustainability?
With its share project budgets Winket makes early insight into what is the effect of different choices on the construction costs of a renovation project. In such a way that it is possible for the client and the architect to make informed choices regarding the character of the planned renovation.
As soon becomes clear what is (financially) is possible and what is not. This is also useful for managing expectations among the residents concerned.

Energy usage
Much of the data that should be collected for a budget of construction costs, are also necessary to create an energy calculation (and vice versa). Cooperation with solid increases in energy and installation consultants team Winket the value of the advice in this field, because they directly share in the project budgets at an early stage could be related to the investment.

Maintenance of buildings is a special challenge for construction consultants. When designing a new or renovation plans are made all kinds of choices (materials, constructions, installations) that affect the maintenance, which is needed later.
Winket has its data with respect to maintenance linked to the same elements, which are used for making construction costs budgets for those plans. This makes the impact of maintenance in designing immediately clear.
Organize maintenance planned as a building is operational, it is a different story. In addition, it is much more about issues such as the control of the (actual) is technical condition, spreading or bundling measures, matching construction activities on the primary process of the organization, which is housed in the building.
Yet it is the same maintenance. Winket deals with both aspects. Advice during the design process are therefore based on practical experience.
The multi-annual maintenance planning, the experience of refurbishment projects in handy: the maintenance measures may or may not make sense in light of a future renovation?

Winket calculates the sustainability of your project using the EcoQuaestor model.

It concerns the environmental impact of a building in all its life stages:
Construction: The effects of the use of materials and the deployment of equipment.
Operation: the effects of (fossil) fuel, which is required for heating and / or cooling and ventilation, and the effects of maintenance.
End of Life: reuse (renovation) or scrapping / recycling (demolition).